Friday, 27 November 2009

What i done wrong! and right!

OK the scene is done rendered out i just going to reflect on what i done right and wrong, first of all my time management was very very poor, i didn't manage my time well i spent to much time on research and designs, i didn't leave enough time on the Maya part and didn't take into account the problem which would appear when working in Maya Because Maya its self is really difficult programme. such as the modeling, skinning, rigging animating mostly every element of Maya basically. the area i believe i did good in are the whole project as a whole, I'm proud that i worked from a drawing and modeled skinned with help from Cylm painted weights for the first time, and having a finished film. so as a whole i believe for my first go doing it all by my self i am very glad how it come out.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Just adding the finishing touches to my edit and then i will be finished at last.

Now that the modal is rigged and skinned i am now into the animation stage it is all going well no problem are happening at the moment. I'm just key framing stage then into final cut pro to add the audio.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

When two worlds met.

I wanted to get started with the animation of my project seeing as it is getting closes to my deadline. so fort i would import the zoo keeper into my background scene. with is came problems but every easy to solve. When the model was imported i forgot both projects had different textures on lambit1 so magically the head of my zoo keeper became brickwork. so i decided to import the background to the modals scene and change the background plane to a different lambit, problem solved.

Monday, 23 November 2009

My Background

This is my background design nice a simply.i know i wont get marked on the background but still throught it was a nice touch.

with a little help from my friends!

the modal is now skinned, i would like to thank clym for all his help, he can work wonders. just need to paint a few more weights then im good to go.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Thats right i added the bones in.

since i was getting stuff done much more quicker now, the animation ball is rolling you could say. i thought no sleep for me unless i added the skeleton and painted some weights. i didn't finish the weight that's today's task and to add the ik handles maybe some set drive keys.

i added some colour.

i desided that i didnt have enuff time to work out zbrush for this project so desided that i would add effect using the textual mapping.
At last thing are moving forward added the textual mapping to give the colour, i would be happy with, I'm using very simply colours to continual the claymation affect.

Monday, 9 November 2009

Oh What Joy Zbrush is!!!!!!

oh what joy Zbrush is, i inported my maya mesh as a obj into zbrush and found all this problems so back to Maya to fix them just what i need at thi stage.

Maya Is Fun ( Yer Right ).

Modeling oh what fun that is NOT so many little things going wrong, but i am happy with my basic shape of him i hopefuly will import into zbrush and add detail to the face, wish me luck. i need it.